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Americans have always enjoyed the outdoors, but the concept of outdoor Living is a relatively new and growing lifestyle trend. What is outdoor living? It means bringing many of the comforts and amenities of indoor living - outdoors. You've extended the living and dining space outdoors - in the morning, day and evening. New advances in outdoor lighting, entertainment and control are making the extension outdoors - more desirable.

  • Lighting solutions that complement your outdoor space
  • All weather TV's
  • Outdoor sound systems that disappear
  • Outdoor entertainment - your own Drive-In
  • Control it all from your fingertips

The outdoors deliver an atmosphere that has no rival. The setting sun and a gentle breeze might be just the ticket for you to successfully unwind with your friends and family.

Outdoor Entertainment

Extend your entertaining outdoors. We offer High Definition TVs, specifically engineered to be safe from weather, insects, and dirt. They can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees! They’re available in a variety of sizes, at a price to fit any budget.

  • Watch the big game outdoors when you're grilling out!
  • The television can be hidden in an enclosure
  • Have "Drive-In" Movies for the neighborhood in your backyard
  • Enjoy the sound of music from multiple points
  • Have a "Movie Night" outside with the family

Outdoor televisions have made the outdoors a new destination to enjoy some of your favorite shows or games. Whether its your favorite NFL game or an NBC sitcom, watching TV outdoors brings new opportunities for you and your family to connect.

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Outdoor - Audio

You can bring your music outdoors with a variety of speaker choices. Specially designed speakers offer many design solutions can bring beautiful music, or then can be hidden completely, so you see nothing at all.

  • Camoflouged as rocks
  • Camoflouged as planters
  • Camoflauged as lighting fixtures
  • Mounted under the eaves
  • Subwoofers buried beneath the ground

Outdoor music can accessed from your iPod, Smartphone, or WiFi tablet. Stream music from the internet or from your home's music collection. The Smartphone makes control easy and convenient.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting is key to safety, enhancing your property's curb appeal, and extending your evenings for entertaining or just relaxing. Outdoor lighting has grown as a distinct category as technology and design options have increased. AVIT Technology offers a full scope of low voltage LED lighting with a lifetime warranty. Multiple finishes like brass, copper, bronze, stainless, powder coating, and more.

We can design a full lighting system for you from traditional to contemporary, in all types of textures and materials. Let us develop a lighting plan detailing products, wiring and locations that details how together we can create the perfect combination of practicality, beauty, and drama for your property.

Our staff of lighting designers can also assist with your indoor lighting...

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